Pen Database

We request that you please read this information, as it outlines some important information as to the how and why of what this is – as well as an opportunity to participate.

I have read this already – to the Database please!

More and more we are going to the Internet first for information about our pens and pens that that we are interested in. Truly there is a lot of information there.

However often the question is, “Will we like this pen”?

What we have found we are looking for is the appearance of the pen as well as its dimensions and weight. There are some very nice databases out there, however we wanted more.

The Calgary Pen Club has created this database in the hope that it will be of assistance to all. Our hope is to make this database as inclusive as possible.

We have endeavored to be consistent in our measurements. However, there is some element of subjectivity in measuring, particularly diameters of sections. Please take our measurements as guidelines and not absolute truth.

Obviously we cannot measure every fountain pen in existence. If you wish to contribute to the database please send us your information by e-mail to The data itself can be in an Excel spreadsheet and if you could provide links to pictures of the pens we would be most grateful. Any pictures that you provide to us please ensure that you have copyright privileges to and by providing the pictures to us that you are putting them into the public domain.

For your convenience, we have an Excel spreadsheet that you are free to download and use as you deem appropriate. You are welcome to copy the pictures to your computer for your study and for sharing with others for study purposes. If you use our information or pictures on the Internet, please be courteous and remember to credit us as the source.

Please enjoy!  If we’ve made a mistake, or you wish to make a suggestion for our consideration, please let us know.

Links to some other databases:


5 Responses to Pen Database

  1. d says:

    You list the stainless Lamy Studio weight as 16g. I believe it’s closer to 30-31g.

  2. Lee Boychuk says:

    Where can I find the Excel database that you mention (“we have an Excel database in Excel 2003 format that you are free to download”)?

    • Lee,
      Our apologies – as we’ve been doing some restructuring and shifting for web hosting this got missed. I have updated the page and added a link for it now. Thanks for catching our error!

  3. Amadeus W. says:

    Hello, just wanna say hello and tell you about my site on fountain pen function, design and manufacture. All my stories and experience. Not a database but a source of information. Perhaps, you could put it in the right place. Thanks

    See you soon and awaiting your questions

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