Inkvent 2021! (Dec 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th)

If you have ever sat down at your computer and been welcomed by a non-responsive computer whilst being serenaded by the grinding sound of a hard drive…. let’s just say we’re in recovery mode. (Note to self: more frequent backups.)

December 8th: Raspberry Rose (standard). I would definitely say ‘juicy’ – this one seems by far the wettest ink so far. And while I quite like the colour, for some reason I find it just a bit flat to be honest. I think it strikes me as a bit browner than I think of when I think Raspberry. Definitely will need to experiment more with pens & paper combinations.

December 9th: Storm (shimmer). Aptly named, a deep grey with green/blue tones to it. I prefer the sheen to shimmer, but the shimmer works quite well with this colour.

December 10th: Peach Punch (standard). Some decent shading, and would definitely be your colour if you like the colour peach. To be honest, I personally prefer more of a jewel tone or deeper ‘dusty’ colour palette. So far this is probably my least favourite colour out of this calendar.

December 11th: Party Time (shimmer). This one has a longer dry time than most of the others, as you can see by my unintentional smudge. I don’t mind this one, as it’s a deeper colour. It also has some shading. It reminds me a bit of Noodler’s Saguaro Wine. I don’t mind it, and can see myself using it when I’m in the mood for something different for a short period, but I don’t see myself owning a larger bottle in the future.


About cranialstorage

A semi-luddite working in the IT field. A collector and user of fountain pens and related desk/stationery items, old woodworking tools, and photography. A lover of books.
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