KWZ Inks from Poland

Walk over Vistula, Baltic Memories, Sheen Machine, Sheen Machine 2

The pictures do not do credit to the sheen. I used old fashion steel nibs with a holder and I bet that using a Flex, broad or stub nib the sheen will just “explode” on the page.

Inkvent 2019 – Day 25: Happy Holidays (shimmer & sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.25 by cranialstorage

Merry Christmas everyone! We’re between the morning excitement of gifts followed by breakfast, and the main family dinner, so…..

Today brings us to the end, with Happy Holidays. The label doesn’t state standard, shimmer, or sheen on this final bottle. Initially I thought it was just a shimmer ink from the first touch on paper, but when it hit the Rhodia paper, that changed in a hurry.

I also assumed it was blue looking at the label, and having peeked into the bottle. But after the first pass on the Pelikan Pad, I thought maybe it was a deep green. Then I got some on my finger – definitely blue for the base. Another complex colour with a lot of range.

Definitely not your run of the mill inks in this set. I will likely follow this up with some final thoughts, but it’s time to get ready to go. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 24: Purple Bow (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.24 by cranialstorage

Well, turns out Sugar Plums are a vague sort of treat, that are not necessarily purple. Originally in the 17th century they were a small sugar candy. The seed used in the center included caraway, fennel, coriander, and cardamom seeds, almonds, walnuts, ginger, cinnamon and aniseed coated with a layer of hard sugar. Today they tend to be a mixture of finely chopped fruit and nuts that have been spiced.

But it is the long awaited purple…. Initially I thought ‘Royal Purple’, then I thought it was a bit more blue than that, so I looked at colour swatches named Royal Purple. Looks like just about anything goes, so that’ll teach me.

I’m used to Irishuzuku Yama Budo for my purple, so I find this one a bit darker, and more toward the blue side in comparison. (Depending on the paper – As Rhodia is the paper I tend to use the most, those samples are what I will likely go by.)

Pelikan/HP/Rhodia Paper

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 23: Roasted Chestnut (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.23 by cranialstorage

This is a lovely, deep, warm brown the colour of… well…. anyway. Warmer than Triple chocolate, lighter and warmer than Nutcracker, but more of a red brown instead of the warmer yellow brown of Gingerbread. Nice shading – I think this would look outstanding with an italic nib.

I dug out the section of Rhodia that had some additional (non-Diamine) browns for comparison, and have taken some liberties with photoshop to rearrange the placement in one of the images just to make comparison easier.

So… I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting for a purple. I’m wondering if they did something kitschy & clever like saving it for tomorrow… while dreams of sugar plums dance through our heads. Two more sleeps until Christmas!

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 22: Solstice (shimmer)

Posted on 2019.12.22 by cranialstorage

When I first saw this colour, I wasn’t sure what it was. I’m still not sure. The label looked almost black, so I opened it, and still wasn’t sure… so I dipped a toothpick and smeared a little on a nearby sheet of paper – black with some green shimmer, I thought to myself.

So I took it to the writing desk, gave it another good shake, and grabbed the glass dip pen. Surprise, surprise, surprise… I’m still not sure what it is. One paper makes it look like the green equivalent of the Jack Frost – a deep metallic green. The Rhodia makes it look like black with green shimmer. The HP paper is somewhere in-between.

When I rinsed the pen to clean it, the water running off looked like dilute black. So between the label colour, the first impression, and the diluted colour I’m going to stick to my initial impression of green shimmer on a black base, although it could be almost anywhere between those depending on the paper and how the light is hitting it.

I’d be interested to hear how others who have the calendar see this colour, and how they are calling this one. Posted in Fountain Pen, Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Inkvent 2019 | Leave a comment | Edit

Inkvent 2019 – Day 21: Fire Embers (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.21 by cranialstorage

It’s been a busy day, so this will be a quick, short post due to the lateness of the hour…. but I really wanted to see what this ink looked like after seeing the name when I opened it up today. Fire Embers is a very accurate name, and I think they really nailed it – like the Gingerbread a couple days ago.

The paper really affects the colour for how orange/red it is. And it reminds me of the first ink I ever purchased when I discovered the vast array of colours available outside the traditional black or blue – Noodler’s Habanero, although this has a much deeper, jewel like tone to it.

It also reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite shows…. “Fire bad, tree pretty.”

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 20: Midnight Hour (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.20 by cranialstorage

Busy days at the moment, so the next couple of entries will be late and short. But hey… saw The Rise of Skywalker this morning, so there’s that 😉

Midnight Hour is a deep blue – similar in tone to Winter Miracle, except Winter Miracle is about the shimmer while Midnight Hour is all about the sheen (especially on that Rhodia). The colour patch on the Rhodia was still drying, so you only catch sheen in the small centre spot where it has mostly dried, but it sure shows in the written portion.

On the one paper sample I’ve moved the two colours next to each other for easier comparison – I think today’s colour isn’t as dark as Winter Miracle (where the shimmer really offsets that blue-black).

Tomorrow is another dawn to dusk sort of day so it will either be posted late with luck , or Sunday with apologies. Posted in Fountain Pen, Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Inkvent 2019 | Leave a comment | Edit

Inkvent 2019 – Day 19: Gingerbread (standard) & a paper correction….

Posted on 2019.12.19 by cranialstorage

First, apologies and a correction – the pad I thought was bagesse and providing the gorgeous sheen is in fact Rhodia. I was running out of space and finally found the pad I had pulled it from – which is good news to me, as I have tons of Rhodia on hand. (If you weren’t aware, Michael’s craft stores started carrying Rhodia pads about a year ago, and you can get a 40-50% off coupon most weeks.)

Today’s ink is Gingerbread. A sweet, warm, delicious, golden brown, tasty… nevermind, that was the comparison cookie. Although the colour today is a warm, delicious brown that pretty much nails the colour of Gingerbread. As shown below with a fresh baked cookie* for comparison. Handles well, shades a bit, and looks delicious.

Sorry, no extra cookies available.

*We add extra ginger to our cookies, but I doubt that changes the colour much.

And just to correctly re-identify the paper/s being used: Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, Rhodia lined pad (not a bagesse paper), and HP Premium LaserJet (32lb). Posted in Fountain Pen, Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Inkvent 2019 | Leave a comment | Edit

Inkvent 2019 – Day 18: Holly (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.18 by cranialstorage

Holly – this ink is aptly named. Not only is it a beautifully dark green ink, but it sheens red. I think this one would pair well with yesterday’s Poinsettia. Definitely on the blue side of the Green spectrum – when I rinsed the dip pen the water was teal.

As dark as it is, it’s definitely brighter than the Seasons Greetings from a couple days ago, although looks to share the same sheen characteristics. I can imagine some interesting results based on the nib and paper combinations with these two.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 17: Poinsetta (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.17 by cranialstorage

Well, first I have to say… All those years, and not only did I have no idea how to spell it but I’ve probably been pronouncing the name incorrectly as well. Poinsetta is a red. A real red – not light, or a bit orange, or a bit brown but a nice solid, serious red (just a touch toward the bluer end of the spectrum perhaps). It compares closely to my favourite red.

I spent a long time going through every red our local Stationer Reid’s had, and Caran d’Ache Sunset was the only one I found to be neutral and liked. Widow maker has become my favourite red, and is quite close. Diamine’s Poinsetta is right in this range when I compare writing samples of Caran d’Ache Sunset, and Noodler’s Widow Maker side by side with it – so if you like a red that is almost the colour of blood, this one might be of interest.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 16: Festive Cheer (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.16 by cranialstorage

The calendar is beginning to run out of doors to open as we hit day 16. After opening today’s, I wasn’t sure what to expect – the label looked more charcoal, when I opened the top I thought the ink in the bottle might be another dark blue but the ink on the white lid looked like a deep green.

Writing with it though, reveals it to be a deep, malachite green (says swiataaboc) and looking at the darker end of the colour range of malachite photos I would agree. This is a beautiful colour on all of the papers, with a crimson red sheen (on the bagesse at least).

I’m really starting to wonder what colour the larger bottle on the 25th will be. So far we’ve had: 5 blues, 4 reds, 1 silver/grey, 2 browns, 3 greens, and Gold Star (to be honest, I’m not quite sure how to call that one). You might also be able to argue Noel & Mulled Wine are red-browns, rather than brown-reds but I see them closer to the former option.

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Invent 2019 – Day 15: Festive Cheer (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.15 by cranialstorage

Wait… wait a minute… is that a purple? Is it?! Nope…. What we have today is closer to Royal Blue – deep blue with a purple leaning, much dependent on the choice of paper. The sheen is definitely more pronounced with this one though, and I can see it on 2 of the 3 types of paper pretty easily – when the light hits it right.

I’m definitely going to have to pay attention to which paper I’m using with some of these inks. I’m thinking Rhodia will be my most likely option (which is easy, as that tends to be my ‘go to’). Definitely get some nice reaction on the bagesse though – so it’s unfortunate I haven’t been able to find any that isn’t lined.)

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Invent 2019 – Day 14: Jack Frost (shimmer and sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.14 by cranialstorage

I have an odd relationship with blue ink – I don’t hate it, but I don’t really care for it either. I tend to avoid it, probably because through school everyone used blue ink in their ballpoints (the Bic crystal stick pen – great for spit-balls, but awful for writing) and I would buy boxes of black Uniball Micros.

But I do own a number of bottles of blue inks – tending to the darker side. Noodler’s FPN Van Gogh Starry Night, and similar shades where it is dark enough it is almost blue-black. I have to admit I like this blue – the metallic quality appeals to me. I have to admit I’m still not sure I’m sold on the shimmer inks. They strike me as more of a special use item – like the illuminated first letter of a chapter before the everyday ink takes over for the rest of the pages.

Jack Frost behaves noticeably differently depending on the paper (same three types I’ve been using for the last samples). Nice shimmer on the Pelikan pad. Some serious sheen on the bagesse. And while I really like the weight and surface of the HP Premium Laser it definitely doesn’t do much to support these showy inks. I’m pretty sure they now market it as Premium Inkjet (and Laser) – from what I’ve read others have commented that a lot of the inkjet papers seem to soak the ink up quickly to prevent smearing/feathering and their results are also pretty flat and bland.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 13: Mulled Wine (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.13 by cranialstorage

Well, I initially misread the label as ‘Mullet’ when I first opened the flap, so that should tell you how the morning started. Mulled Wine is a bit of a surprise right after yesterday’s Noel – the colour similarity is noticeable. (Don’t get me wrong, I like the colour, but…. a feeling of deja-vu for sure.)

That being said – from what I can see: it is a wetter ink, not quite as saturated, shading is not as subtly gradated, and a bit cooler than Noel. Samples done on three types of paper (Pelikan 2019 Hub pad, 32lb HP Premium Laser, Staples Bagesse) for comparison on how it handles. You could definitely confuse which ink you had loaded in your pen. I imagine your mileage will vary of course, depending on pen and paper.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 12: Noel (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.12 by cranialstorage

Today’s ink is a red-brown (as opposed to a brown with pretensions of red). I had a bit of a tough time deciding, but my initial reaction was that it was more red, and when I rinsed the dip pen it definitely showed a lot of red in the water. It’s definitely not burgundy – it’s warmer and a bit lighter (I use Richard Binder’s Burgundy as my go to burgundy). Closer to the Akkerman Garuda Rood for colour, if you’ve had the pleasure of using Akkerman inks.

So far the only thing I’m not happy about with this colour is that the bottle is only 7ml.

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Invent 2019 – Day 11: Elf (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.11 by cranialstorage

I’ll keep this short, just like the name.

Well, I guess I now officially have an Elf on the shelf. Today brings us another beautiful green, the sort of green you would expect to be used for official elf uniforms. A cleaner, brighter green than the Mistletoe – more of a Kelly Green for colour – deeper than an emerald or Irish green. This one looks like it will have some gorgeous shading as well.

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Calgary Pen Club – Christmas Meeting TONIGHT!

Posted on 2019.12.10 by cranialstorage

Don’t forget… tonight is our annual social club meeting, which will be held at Murray’s, beginning at 7pm.

If you can’t make it, stop on by our regular 3rd Monday of the month meeting at the Sunridge Mall food court, starting at 5pm.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 10: Winter Miracle (shimmer & sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.10 by cranialstorage

I’ve secretly been hoping for a purple ink in this set, and today I thought it had arrived. When I uncapped the vial of Winter Miracle I was sure it was purple, it went on the paper purple, and then it slowly dried… to a majestic dark blue.

Okay, this one shows some sheen, and shimmer – as advertised. But it really depends on the paper and lighting. I used the same pen on the Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, a sheet of 32lb HP Premium, and some Staples Bagesse I had handy. You’d never know it was the same ink.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 9: Nutcracker (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.09 by cranialstorage

Today brings us another brown – I bit deeper than the earlier Triple Chocolate. I was initially thinking ‘walnut’ but I had some of my browns out, so I did a quick comparison of some of them. It’s warmer than the Daniel Smith Walnut calligraphy ink. More similar to the Iroshizuku tsukushi maybe. Not sure how common some of these are – I seem to tend to some ink colours seen as odd by some members of the pen club.

It will be interesting to see if any of these become part of their regular line-up. So far, I would definitely pick up a bottle of Mistletoe, and this one.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 07: Mistletoe (standard) & Day 08: Gold Star (shimmer)

Posted on 2019.12.08 by cranialstorage

Not sure if it was random, or if Diamine opted to put a little something special for the weekend. I’ve been looking for a replacement green since Mont Blanc’s British Racing Green was discontinued, and Mistletoe may be it. A deep green, with that dusty tinge to it, and great shading. – reminiscent of olives (maybe because I haven’t had lunch yet). For some reason I’ve never been able to figure out a better way to describe it than ‘dusty’. The same sort of dusty feel that Herbin’s ‘Poussière de Lune’ has that makes it my favourite purple.

That was followed by Gold Star, which I thought was leaning heavier toward the orange side than a yellow while I was writing… but when it dried and the shimmer came out, does that ever pop. I can’t see it as a daily work ink, but it’s definitely got something for those special occasions.

But it did get me thinking…. how fast do they settle, and does one need to shake their pen filled with these shimmering/sheening inks before use? Has anyone experienced more than usual drying or clogging issues with them? (I would like to think Diamine and Herbin have been making ink long enough I shouldn’t have to worry about such things.)

Please, feel free to comment on your experiences. Posted in Fountain Pen, Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Inkvent 2019 | Leave a comment | Edit

Inkvent 2019 – Day 06: Ho Ho Ho (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.06 by cranialstorage

A late post, but today’s colour is Ho Ho Ho – another red, this one a bit darker & richer. Looking at the two reds makes me think of cranberries – photos of cranberries always seem to have lighter and darker cranberries in them in two main shades of red. I definitely prefer this darker red to the lighter, slightly pinker red of Candy Cane. Closer to the red of Santa’s suit than candy stripes.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 05: Triple Chocolate (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.05 by cranialstorage

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, okay…. I know we have several members who are not fans of brown inks, but to each his own. Today’s Diamine ink is Triple Chocolate (standard). A nice bit of darker chocolate with some warmth – maybe somewhere around the Burnt Almond chocolate bar (much deeper than milk chocolate, but not like a Lindt 90%) with no worry about it being misidentified as a brown/black.

This one shows some very nice shading/variation, even on cheap paper.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 04: Polar Glow (sheen)

Posted on 2019.12.04 by cranialstorage

Today’s Diamine inkvent ink is Polar Glow, a deep blue with a subtle sheen – at least on this paper, in this lighting – but shows some shading, for me. From what I’ve read sheen seems to be quite dependant on the type of paper and lighting it’s viewed under. I think this one will definitely benefit from a broad or stub nib. This colour reminds me quite a bit of the FPN Noodler’s Van Gogh Starry Night Blue.

The paper being used is from the Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, with a slightly glossy finish to it. I notice the Candy Cane and Polar Glow also seem to have a tiny bit of feathering, but this is probably due to the use of the glass dip pen (the tip isn’t the smoothest, and it’s quite wet right after dipping – enough to cause some bleeding even with this heavier paper ).

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 3: Snow Storm (shimmer)

Posted on 2019.12.03 by cranialstorage

Today brings us Snow Storm (shimmer) – the shimmer makes it more difficult to pin the colour down, but it really depends on the lighting. The photo taken with interior light (with the dip pen) shows the shimmer more than the one taken in sunlight. It definitely is a grey with enough body to avoid being a washed out black though.

The cat thinks it’s almost as pretty as he is, and approves of this colour. But to be honest, I think he’s biased about greys.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 2: Candy Cane (standard)

Posted on 2019.12.02 by cranialstorage

The second ink in the Diamine Inkvent 2019 Calendar is Candy Cane (standard).

Ink samples were done with a glass dip pen to ensure they are clean, but members of our pen club can tell you I usually use a xxf nib so this is not my best work. (I have to admit I was caught a bit by surprise as I haven’t used this particular dip pen in a while).

You can definitely see the shimmer in the Blue Peppermint, which strikes me as teal that can’t quite make up it’s mind between green/blue. Candy Cane I find to be a fairly neutral mid-deep red, with perhaps just a smidge toward the orange side. Your experience will definitely vary depending on your screen.

I’ll try to ensure the next photo of the ink samples is done in decent daylight lighting.

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Happy Inkvent, 2019 – Day 1: Blue Peppermint (shimmer)

Posted on 2019.12.01 by cranialstorage

For anyone who might be interested, or was hoping to get their hands on the 2019 Diamine Inkvent calendar and wasn’t able to – I thought I would post some photos here, along with colour samples (apologies, as the first few might be delayed slightly due to circumstances).

This calendar contains a mixture of standard, shimmer and sheening inks and festive bespoke colours available only in the calendar as follows: 24x 7ml and 1x 30ml inks.

Day 1 brings us Blue Peppermint (shimmer)

Diamine Inkvent 2019, Dec 01

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Crane Stationery

Posted on 2018.03.15 by cranialstorage

A great video showing how Crane hand borders some of their stationery. Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit

Dutch Masters – Limited color collection

Posted on 2017.01.02 by cranialstorage

Akkerman has released a new line of inks – the Dutch Masters.


Akkerman The Hague presents a brand new ink collection, dedicated to the great Dutch Masters. We have twelve characteristic colours available, each of which is inspired by paintings of Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer and other famous Dutch painters. The names of the ink are based on the colour or subject of the paintings.

The unique shape of the bottle, with its long neck and marble, originates from the 1930’s. In addition to the long neck, the bottle has a rounded shape and wide, stable base. The new “Dutch Masters” bottle holds more than 120 ml (4.0 oz) and thus contains twice as much ink as the “regular” Akkerman ink bottles.

By tilting the closed ink bottle, the neck of the bottle fills itself with ink. When the bottle is put on a flat surface again, the marble will fall back and prevent the ink from flowing back into the bottle. In the neck of the bottle there is now a small reservoir and you can easily fill your fountain pen, even when the pot is almost empty!

Special attention has been paid to the packaging. Even though the theme is classical, the box is vibrant and fresh. The “Dutch Master collection” is a must have for everyone who uses a fountain pen, and a unique gift.

More information can be found on their website. Posted in Ink | Leave a comment | Edit

Fountain Pens – 101

Posted on 2016.07.26 by cranialstorage

Massdrop has recently begun to post a nice series of introductory Fountain Pen Articles, I thought I would link them here.

Massdrop 101: Intro to Fountain Pens

Massdrop 101: Intro to Nibs

Massdrop 101: Getting Started With Fountain Pens

(The articles are posted in a guest area, and no Massdrop account is required to access them.  Massdrop does have a number of interesting items in their Writing community, and is worth a look…) Posted in Fountain Pen | Leave a comment | Edit

Akkerman Ink Samples (and some comparisons)

Posted on 2013.01.09 by cranialstorage

There is always some challenges with ink samples – the scans never seem to quite match the ink in real life, and the colour is never accurate on monitors.  However, for comparison, I thought I would make these available.

There is a sample of some of the Akkerman Inks that were purchased, and then I have broken them down into colour ranges and compared them with some other inks I have in that grouping.

All of these samples were shot with the same camera, under the same conditions, and then processed in Photoshop identically.  So while the colours may not be completely accurate, one can at least get a sense of the difference between them when comparing.

Akkerman Ink Samples
Grey Inks
Brown Inks
Purple Inks
Red Inks
Red Ink Comparison

Swatches were done with a Q-tip – the top patch is a single pass, the second is two passes, and the third is three passes.  The writing was done with the same dip nib and glass pen to try and keep it as consistent as possible.  All samples were written on Rhodia paper.

The second slide of red inks is cropped from the originals, concentrating on the swatches to try and help make colour comparison easier.

So far I am very happy with these inks.  They have good colour, and behave well.  The Grey is a very nice neutral grey that is dark enough to be useable, but is definitely not black. Posted in Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Akkerman Ink | Leave a comment | Edit

New Conway Stewart Ink Collection

Posted on 2013.01.04 by cranialstorage

From an email from Conway Stewart.  Not sure if anyone local is carrying it yet.

Conway Stewart Inks

Conway Stewart is pleased to announce the launch of our new ink line with our working partner, Diamine Ink.

 We chose to work with Diamine because of their rich English heritage. Manufacturers since 1864, Diamine Ink has successfully incorporated the traditional methods and formulas for ink production which  are water based, perfect for new and vintage fountain pens.  

 Launched in a choice of six colours and named after points of interest close to our factory in Devon, our new ink line is offered in the substantial 80 ml size bottles with exclusive Conway Stewart packaging. 

Ink Colour Samples

 Bodmin Jet Black, St. Blazey Classic Red, Kingsand Ochre, Tamar Royal Blue, Tavy Denim or Edgcumbe Lavender — all are non-toxic which results in a free flowing ink to enhance your writing pleasure.

Please note that due to computer, tablet and smart phone screens, the ink colours shown are to be used as a general reference.

Conway Stewart fine quality writing inks
Available now for immediate shipping!

80 ml size ink bottles
UK retail price: £6.79 incl VAT per bottle
EURO retail price: €8.96 per bottle
US retail price: $12.95 per bottle Posted in Ink, Ink Samples | Tagged Conway Stewart, Diamine | Leave a comment | Edit

Akkerman Inks

Posted on 2013.01.01 by cranialstorage

Akkerman Ink Bottles – group order

Back in September a member proposed a group buy of ink from P.W. Akkerman in the Netherlands. They have their own line of beautiful inks, in 30 colours – each named after a place in Den Haag where they are located, in a unique bottle that holds 150ml. Interested members arrived at the October meeting with their requests, and an order for 14 bottles was placed.

In November, the highlight of our meeting was the arrival of our order of ink.

Akkerman’s unique ink bottle – uses a marble to trap the ink in the neck of the bottle to make filling easier.

#13 Simplisties Violet, #18 Garuda Rood, #22 Hopjesbruin, #29 Hofvijver Gris

Akkerman was extremely pleasant to deal with, and their communication was great. They were quick to respond to e-mail, even with the time difference. The inks were shipped the day after I placed the order through their website  – I highly recommend Google Chrome with the automatic language translation enabled.   Everything arrived within two weeks, and was exceptionally well packed for shipping. 14 massive boxes, with bottles that had the lids taped as an extra seal, wrapped in plastic bags, and nestled in packing peanuts inside each individual box.

The ink colour selection can be found here.  The colour on the monitor does not do the ink justice.