Invent 2019 – Day 11: Elf (standard)

I’ll keep this short, just like the name.

Well, I guess I now officially have an Elf on the shelf. Today brings us another beautiful green, the sort of green you would expect to be used for official elf uniforms. A cleaner, brighter green than the Mistletoe – more of a Kelly Green for colour – deeper than an emerald or Irish green. This one looks like it will have some gorgeous shading as well.

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Calgary Pen Club – Christmas Meeting TONIGHT!

Don’t forget… tonight is our annual social club meeting, which will be held at Murray’s, beginning at 7pm.

If you can’t make it, stop on by our regular 3rd Monday of the month meeting at the Sunridge Mall food court, starting at 5pm.

See you there!

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 10: Winter Miracle (shimmer & sheen)

I’ve secretly been hoping for a purple ink in this set, and today I thought it had arrived. When I uncapped the vial of Winter Miracle I was sure it was purple, it went on the paper purple, and then it slowly dried… to a majestic dark blue.

Okay, this one shows some sheen, and shimmer – as advertised. But it really depends on the paper and lighting. I used the same pen on the Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, a sheet of 32lb HP Premium, and some Staples Bagesse I had handy. You’d never know it was the same ink.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 9: Nutcracker (standard)

Today brings us another brown – I bit deeper than the earlier Triple Chocolate. I was initially thinking ‘walnut’ but I had some of my browns out, so I did a quick comparison of some of them. It’s warmer than the Daniel Smith Walnut calligraphy ink. More similar to the Iroshizuku tsukushi maybe. Not sure how common some of these are – I seem to tend to some ink colours seen as odd by some members of the pen club.

It will be interesting to see if any of these become part of their regular line-up. So far, I would definitely pick up a bottle of Mistletoe, and this one.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 07: Mistletoe (standard) & Day 08: Gold Star (shimmer)

Not sure if it was random, or if Diamine opted to put a little something special for the weekend. I’ve been looking for a replacement green since Mont Blanc’s British Racing Green was discontinued, and Mistletoe may be it. A deep green, with that dusty tinge to it, and great shading. – reminiscent of olives (maybe because I haven’t had lunch yet). For some reason I’ve never been able to figure out a better way to describe it than ‘dusty’. The same sort of dusty feel that Herbin’s ‘Poussière de Lune’ has that makes it my favourite purple.

That was followed by Gold Star, which I thought was leaning heavier toward the orange side than a yellow while I was writing… but when it dried and the shimmer came out, does that ever pop. I can’t see it as a daily work ink, but it’s definitely got something for those special occasions.

But it did get me thinking…. how fast do they settle, and does one need to shake their pen filled with these shimmering/sheening inks before use? Has anyone experienced more than usual drying or clogging issues with them? (I would like to think Diamine and Herbin have been making ink long enough I shouldn’t have to worry about such things.)

Please, feel free to comment on your experiences.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 06: Ho Ho Ho (standard)

A late post, but today’s colour is Ho Ho Ho – another red, this one a bit darker & richer. Looking at the two reds makes me think of cranberries – photos of cranberries always seem to have lighter and darker cranberries in them in two main shades of red. I definitely prefer this darker red to the lighter, slightly pinker red of Candy Cane. Closer to the red of Santa’s suit than candy stripes.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 05: Triple Chocolate (standard)

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, okay…. I know we have several members who are not fans of brown inks, but to each his own. Today’s Diamine ink is Triple Chocolate (standard). A nice bit of darker chocolate with some warmth – maybe somewhere around the Burnt Almond chocolate bar (much deeper than milk chocolate, but not like a Lindt 90%) with no worry about it being misidentified as a brown/black.

This one shows some very nice shading/variation, even on cheap paper.

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