Who are we?

We are a casual group that meet monthly to discuss Pens, trade stories, try paper and inks, and enjoy the occasional libation of choice.  Although most of our member’s primary interest is fountain pens,  all manner of writing instruments, related materials, and penmanship are acceptable topics.

What should I look at while I’m here?

Check out our Pen Database.  We have measurements and photos for a large collection of writing instruments.


Our meeting schedule and information is located here.

Our Mandate:
The rules are simple:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Encourage use of fountain pens
  3. Share knowledge
  4. Support local stores
  5. Educate the public

How Do I Join?

There’s nothing special required to come out and join in the fun – simply contact us to find out where we are currently meeting and what the upcoming agenda is.

calgarypenclub@gmail.com   (Please note:  our email has changed as of Dec 2015)

Calgary Pen Club
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Founded February 9th, 2009


1 Response to About

  1. Eric Lowenthal says:

    Nice site and pen database idea. I will be visiting Calgary in August for a vacation. Unfortunately, I will miss the day of your August meet up. I thought to drag my family to ONE of the two local shops that you have Listed in your supplier page. Which has move variety (if any) of used and vintage pen? Reid’s or Madison and Page? Thanks.

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