Inkvent 2021! The wrap-up (Dec 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25th)

Late to the party, but here are the final colours from the Diamine 2021 Invent calendar, and some very nice additions.

Dec 21 – Brandy Snap (standard). To be honest, I think of gingersnaps when I see this colour. Also, to be honest, when we make gingersnaps we pretty much triple the amount of ginger used in the recipe too. A warm brown, with nice shading – I think it’s a great colour that’s not too dark, and doesn’t lean too much to the yellow or red.

Dec 22 – Black Ivy (sheen). I was so excited to try this one seeing it was a sheen only I managed to mispell Ivy when writing 😒. Please forgive the sample that reads Iyy. This is a great colour – a dark green that gets near black but isn’t overtaken by it. The sheen didn’t come out as much as I had hoped but that is likely a pen/paper combination issue. It did show up better on the Rhodia though, which is great because that tends to be my go to.

Dec 23 – Wonderland (standard). This one made me think of peaches. Not the ripe reddish side of the peach like their peach punch, but more the lighter orange-ish section. I had initially though Irishuzuku Fuyu-gaki, but the Pilot Persimmon is much pinker in tone. A bright, summery colour for sure.

Dec 24 – Yuletide (standard). A blue-green that reminds me of the Blue Spruce out in the front yard. More Christmas wreath than teal, but definitely more than just a hint of the blue. Some nice shading as well.

Dec 25 – All The Best (shimmer). The colour of mulled wine. In the maroon range of things, which is an area I like. And the shimmer is definitely there, but doesn’t seem to overpower like some of the others. Not as dark as Winter Spice, comes across as warmer with more of the red showing through.

So… my favourites out of this set of 25? Garland, Vintage Copper, Brandy Snap, Black Ivy, and All The Best. And yes, while having questioned shimmer inks, I fully realize a good number of my favourites are in their shimmer range. There are some colours I think work incredibly well with the shimmer – and I think Garland and Vintage Copper are subtle enough with the shimmer they add, where some like Storm (which is also a colour I quite like) come across as more about the shimmer.

Honourable mentions go to Night Shade and Ruby Blues. Night Shade has fantastic shading, st and that dusky grey-purple is one of my favourite shades. Ruby Blues may well shock some members coming from me – but I think it’s a great shade of blue, and I really love the red sheen with it.

Happy New Year everyone!


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