Inkvent 2021! (The week in review… Dec 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20th)

Lots of shimmer in the last 5 days… can you tell which from the shots of the bottle? Definitely need to shake, as these settle quite quickly. Always made me wonder if I should be gently shaking my pen as well, or if the motion of picking it up, uncapping, and starting to write is enough?

I’ve been hoping for more sheen inks, as there has been only one ‘sheen’ so far (the other three have been ‘shimmer & sheen’). I’ve said previously I don’t love shimmer… I find it a bit gimmicky and forward. Purely a personal thing. I will also admit there are a couple inks where I think it works very well, and I like the inks – Gold Star in the 2019, and Tempest & Storm in the current. Today adds another

Dec 16th – Vintage Copper (shimmer). While Red Robin was pretty close, this colour really nails it for me. That brown/red combination is right on the money for my taste. But it’s shimmer…. and subtle enough it adds just a bit to the colour and doesn’t detract. This I would definitely buy a full bottle of. My very first bottle of ink was a Shaeffer Brown – I’ve always had a thing for that sepia range of cool to warm browns, and while this is much redder than what I would consider sepia it still evokes that feeling for me.

Dec 17th – Thunderbolt (standard). I really loved the colour when wet, a beautiful purple blue. Post dry I find it has lost a bit of that purple tone. Still a beautiful jewel tone blue though. Interestingly this is the first ink I noticed had a bit of an odour – not unpleasant, just noticable. I’m guessing it has to do with the pigment/s.

Dec 18th – Subzero (shimmer). I have to admit I was expecting a much paler blue than this. but I really like the colour with the subtle green undertone to it and some subtle shading. This is another one that works well with the shimmer though.

Dec 19th – Festive Joy (standard). Huzzah! A dark purple. A bit of shading. Dare I wish it was just a touch bluer? A colour I will most definitely use, but while I was writing with it the thought did cross my mind that it would be even better crossed with Thunderbolt. Just a little bluer, just like I wished Thunderbolt was a touch more purple. This one also had a slight odour (guessing they share components.)

Dec 20th – Pink Ice (shimmer). If you’re a fan of pink/rose, and glitter… this one’s for you. It’s got a nice tone that makes it easy to read while is still bright, but pinks are not my thing. This one makes me think ‘nail polish’ for some reason.


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