Our Classified page is up and running. If you have pens, inks or paper you wish to sale, give away or exchange now you can. Please email us a maximum of 4 (Jpeg) pictures of the item, a price and an email you wish to use for the transaction.

As we do not have a lot of storage room on the site please let’s try not to have too many classifieds. May be we can start with a maximum of 10 and see how it goes.

From our friend Peter H.

Lemurink will not ship to Canada unless it is through FedEx or UPS.

Note from the editor: If you are interested in their products you should get in touch with us as some of the other members might be interested in pooling to keep shipping cost down. Our email address is located in the About page.

From our friend Stephen W.

Check out Shigure inks for some unique inks, pens and paper.