Inkvent 2019 – Day 04: Polar Glow (sheen)

Today’s Diamine inkvent ink is Polar Glow, a deep blue with a subtle sheen – at least on this paper, in this lighting – but shows some shading, for me. From what I’ve read sheen seems to be quite dependant on the type of paper and lighting it’s viewed under. I think this one will definitely benefit from a broad or stub nib. This colour reminds me quite a bit of the FPN Noodler’s Van Gogh Starry Night Blue.

The paper being used is from the Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, with a slightly glossy finish to it. I notice the Candy Cane and Polar Glow also seem to have a tiny bit of feathering, but this is probably due to the use of the glass dip pen (the tip isn’t the smoothest, and it’s quite wet right after dipping – enough to cause some bleeding even with this heavier paper ).

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 3: Snow Storm (shimmer)

Today brings us Snow Storm (shimmer) – the shimmer makes it more difficult to pin the colour down, but it really depends on the lighting. The photo taken with interior light (with the dip pen) shows the shimmer more than the one taken in sunlight. It definitely is a grey with enough body to avoid being a washed out black though.

The cat thinks it’s almost as pretty as he is, and approves of this colour. But to be honest, I think he’s biased about greys.

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Inkvent 2019 – Day 2: Candy Cane (standard)

The second ink in the Diamine Inkvent 2019 Calendar is Candy Cane (standard).

Ink samples were done with a glass dip pen to ensure they are clean, but members of our pen club can tell you I usually use a xxf nib so this is not my best work. (I have to admit I was caught a bit by surprise as I haven’t used this particular dip pen in a while).

You can definitely see the shimmer in the Blue Peppermint, which strikes me as teal that can’t quite make up it’s mind between green/blue. Candy Cane I find to be a fairly neutral mid-deep red, with perhaps just a smidge toward the orange side. Your experience will definitely vary depending on your screen.

I’ll try to ensure the next photo of the ink samples is done in decent daylight lighting.

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Happy Inkvent, 2019 – Day 1: Blue Peppermint (shimmer)

For anyone who might be interested, or was hoping to get their hands on the 2019 Diamine Inkvent calendar and wasn’t able to – I thought I would post some photos here, along with colour samples (apologies, as the first few might be delayed slightly due to circumstances).

This calendar contains a mixture of standard, shimmer and sheening inks and festive bespoke colours available only in the calendar as follows: 24x 7ml and 1x 30ml inks.

Day 1 brings us Blue Peppermint (shimmer)

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Crane Stationery

A great video showing how Crane hand borders some of their stationery.


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Next Meeting: Monday Feb 12th

It’s Monday evening at 7 PM for our monthly pen meeting!

The topic will be fat pens. Bring yours, or a picture of one, or your thoughts about another.

Of course bring along any new acquisitions….

You can head over to Facebook and sign up on our event page if you prefer an easy way to have a reminder sent.

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Next Meeting: Monday, January 9th 2017

Meeting dates have been updated for 2017. (They can be found by clicking the “Meeting” page link at the top.)
Our next meeting is coming up on Monday January the 9th, at Murray’s home, from 7-9pm.
Our main topic is Esterbrooks.   As always, our secondary topic is new acquisitions of pens and writing instruments, paper, ephemera, wax seals, etc.
See you all on Monday!
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