Inkvent 2019 – Day 21: Fire Embers (standard)

It’s been a busy day, so this will be a quick, short post due to the lateness of the hour…. but I really wanted to see what this ink looked like after seeing the name when I opened it up today. Fire Embers is a very accurate name, and I think they really nailed it – like the Gingerbread a couple days ago.

The paper really affects the colour for how orange/red it is. And it reminds me of the first ink I ever purchased when I discovered the vast array of colours available outside the traditional black or blue – Noodler’s Habanero, although this has a much deeper, jewel like tone to it.

It also reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite shows…. “Fire bad, tree pretty.”

About cranialstorage

A semi-luddite working in the IT field. A collector and user of fountain pens and related desk/stationery items, old woodworking tools, and photography. A lover of books.
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