Inkvent 2019 – Day 19: Gingerbread (standard) & a paper correction….

First, apologies and a correction – the pad I thought was bagesse and providing the gorgeous sheen is in fact Rhodia. I was running out of space and finally found the pad I had pulled it from – which is good news to me, as I have tons of Rhodia on hand. (If you weren’t aware, Michael’s craft stores started carrying Rhodia pads about a year ago, and you can get a 40-50% off coupon most weeks.)

Today’s ink is Gingerbread. A sweet, warm, delicious, golden brown, tasty… nevermind, that was the comparison cookie. Although the colour today is a warm, delicious brown that pretty much nails the colour of Gingerbread. As shown below with a fresh baked cookie* for comparison. Handles well, shades a bit, and looks delicious.

Sorry, no extra cookies available.

*We add extra ginger to our cookies, but I doubt that changes the colour much.

And just to correctly re-identify the paper/s being used: Pelikan Hub 2019 pad, Rhodia lined pad (not a bagesse paper), and HP Premium LaserJet (32lb).

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A semi-luddite working in the IT field. A collector and user of fountain pens and related desk/stationery items, old woodworking tools, and photography. A lover of books.
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