Meeting: Monday February 10th, 2014

Main topic:  We are going to do a pen and ink trade this month.  Bring any pens and ink you are not using (or turned out not to be the pen you thought it was going to be) and are interested in trading or selling.  We’ll see if we can’t find something you like and make a deal….

As always, new acquisitions and stories will be the secondary topic.

If you have any inks, pens, or paper you would like to view in person because you are considering making a purchase feel free to give a shout out to the group to see if anyone can bring it in for a look at it in person before you put your money down.

Hope to see you all there!


About cranialstorage

A semi-luddite working in the IT field. A collector and user of fountain pens and related desk/stationery items, old woodworking tools, and photography. A lover of books.
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